The USDA’s agritech boom has been a huge boon for agribusiness

By John Withers, USDA’s Agricultural Research Service article Agricultural Research Services, which has a huge presence in the US, is booming.

It has been more than a decade since the agency cut its budget by more than $100 million to meet the needs of a booming agritec sector, as the USDA was struggling to find ways to support it.

Now, in its fifth year of operating, the agency has a new budget of $7.9 billion, which equates to $9.6 billion more than last year.

That means the agency is spending more than double what it spent five years ago, and it’s not even close to the $9 billion it was budgeted for the first time in 2018.

“Agriculture is an industry that has had its own problems in the past, but it is also one that has never been as dynamic as it is today,” said Tom Ritter, a professor of agriculture and agronomy at Washington State University.

Ritter’s research and public policy group, the Center for Agricultural Research and Education, is one of many that say the USDA is moving forward at an unsustainable pace, despite being able to hire more scientists and scientists to help with its agricultural research.

Ritters’ group is calling for an end to the current practice of allowing the USDA to use its own research and education budget to fund research in the agritek sector.

The new budget is meant to address that concern, but Ritter says the budget is also designed to give the agency more money to spend on agribuses science and agrotechnics research.

The USDA is using its own money to support research, but the researchers are also using the funds to fund their own research, he said.

Agricultural research is the backbone of the US agricultural economy, but many of its findings have never been widely disseminated or reported.

The USDA has not yet released a report on the role of agrotech research in food production, or on the impact of agriteks on the environment.

While the government says agroteches research has saved billions of dollars over the last 20 years, the research hasn’t led to the full benefits of agribues technology, said Ritter.

“It is a way of trying to get this stuff to market that doesn’t have any real benefits,” he said, adding that the cost of agroecological research “is an extremely low percentage of the total budget.”

Agritech, a term for a crop grown in a process called agrochemicals, is a new technology that involves growing a crop by chemically treating soil, water and other elements, and then growing it on plants.

While the process is technically similar to that of traditional agribusticulture, it is more expensive than traditional agrochemical technology.

It uses a process known as mechanical mixing, which involves grinding plants together.

Researchers at the USDA and the University of Maryland say the process can produce better yields than traditional methods, but they are wary of using it on crops that are in the environment, and in many cases are being used as feedstocks for food.

They are worried that using the agroteck process will lead to more pesticide contamination, and more crop loss because of pests.

Agrotech was invented in the 1970s by a group of researchers at the University

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