Why you should consider funding your agricultural research and development (ARD) project with NC Agriculture’s Advanced Eco Agriculture Grant program

Posted June 13, 2019 09:56:47NC Agriculture has partnered with NC Agricultural for a new grant program that will help farmers and ranchers with advanced agricultural research.

The NC Ag Research and Development (NCARD), a partnership of NC Agriculture, NC State, and NC State Cooperative Extension, will be providing grants to farmers, ranchers, and farmers’ cooperative members who have the capacity and ability to support innovative agricultural research projects.

This new program will provide grants to more than 40 rural and rural-related agricultural projects, and will support rural communities across the state.NCARd is an ongoing effort to ensure rural communities have access to innovative agronomic research solutions.

In the last five years, NCARd has supported more than 300 projects across more than 10,000 acres of land across the South, helping rural communities increase their agronomically and ecologically sustainable agricultural operations.

The program is currently underway and will continue to grow over the next five years.NCArd also aims to help small farmers and rural communities gain access to agronomy education and training through the NCARD AgTech Center, which is currently located in the Agricultural and Horticultural Research and Extension Center at NC State.NC ARD will provide farmers and other agronomeers with a foundation of resources to support research and innovative agro-technological solutions, including mentorship, mentorship and assistance with training and support from NCARDs Advanced Eco-Agriculture Grant program.

The NC ARD grant program will support agroecosystems researchers and students by providing mentorship in an innovative, interdisciplinary environment, technical support, and technical assistance in areas such as: agronomics, agroforestry, soil science, hydrology, crop production, agronomical research, and agronotechnology, among other topics.

The grant program is designed to complement and supplement the NC ARDs existing agricultural and agrochemical research support program, the NC Ards Advanced Farm and Ranch Science Training, and other NCARds agronodomic research and research-related assistance programs.

The program is open to rural and agricultural agricultural producers of all ages, and has a range of applications.

This grant is for farmers, agricultural cooperatives, small farmers, and rural cooperatives with an agricultural production capacity of less than $100,000, and is based on the NCArds Agricultural Innovation Grant Program.

The application period for the program closes on June 26.

The first $5,000 will go toward a grant award, which will be announced at the NC Agriculture Agricultural Innovation Summit.

The $5.5k will go to an agronomer mentor, and the $10,000 to a research advisor.

The mentor will provide mentorship to the project participants and will help them develop and execute innovative agromechanical research, agrological studies, agrarian economics, and crop yield studies.

The research advisor will provide technical assistance to the research team, including assistance with seed production, irrigation systems, and/or fertilizers.

The grant application deadline is June 24.

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