When I went to a farming conference in Australia, the agri-food industry was the only industry I saw

The Australian agriculture sector was once synonymous with farming, but it’s now experiencing a “downturn” in its fortunes.

Agriculture has been hit by a “slowdown” in the global food supply, with prices for agricultural products rising, and it is struggling to attract investment, according to the Australian Food and Agricultural Organisation.

The food industry is struggling.

And that is a problem for the food industry, says Andrew Mackay, a senior researcher at the University of New South Wales’s Department of Economics.

The Australian economy is “in a bit of a state of flux,” he says.

“The economy is dependent on global supply chains and global supply markets, and we have an ageing population.

So you need to grow your business.

You can’t just depend on the farmers.”

Mackay says this is not a good time to be a farmer in Australia.

As farmers retire, the industry needs to diversify, and that’s what’s happening.

But Mackay cautions that it is important to understand the issues behind the downturn.

We need to understand where the industry is and how we can make it better.

There are three things we need to do in the agriculture sector.

First, we need a new business model.

That means new products and products that are better suited to farmers’ needs.

The second is better pricing.

These are things like higher prices for products, which are less sustainable for farmers.

Third, we also need to look at the food we buy and what we eat, and how that affects our health.

MACKAY: We need to focus on the things that we eat.

To do this, we have to understand what we buy, what we use and where we grow it.

The world is changing.

We are growing faster than ever before, but our food supply is changing faster than anything we’ve ever seen.

A new crop is in the news every day.

Australian farmers are struggling to cope.

Food companies are moving production to other countries to compete with the cheaper and better food we have here.

The country’s food industry has struggled to attract investors, as its farmers retire and the industry loses money.

Many of the companies in the industry have already had to take some of the pressure off by cutting prices.

This is a time of uncertainty.

For example, some Australian agri companies are planning to sell some of their land.

But the government is refusing to sell land for farming purposes.

The industry is facing many challenges.

In some states, farmers are being forced to sell their land to private developers to expand production.

On average, farmers have lost over $1 million in their farming income over the past three years, according the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

They are also losing income in terms of rent on land and other costs.

Farmers have also had to adjust to the changing market, with farmers now using more fertilisers, pesticides and chemical fertilisers in their crops.

One of the big challenges in Australia is that we have a rapidly ageing population and a growing number of farmers who are retiring.

Even if they’re still going to work, they’re not going to be able to support their families anymore, so they’re being forced out of the industry.

It is estimated that there will be only 10,000 rural farmers by 2050, compared to 60,000 today.

Despite this, Australia has seen an increase in the number of people in the country who have been in farming for over 10 years.

Australia has a high number of agricultural workers, but not enough of them to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market.

An increasing number of workers are also finding it more difficult to find employment in the farming industry.MACKAAY: A key way to protect the agricultural sector is to create a diversified and flexible supply chain that can respond to changing demand and needs.

A better business model that focuses on sustainable food production would be beneficial.

I think we have some of those things.

However, we’re not seeing a lot of these companies take the time to create those things and look at how they can better respond to market changes and grow.

Most of the changes we see are in the food supply chain.

There is no doubt that a good food supply chains has become more important to the industry in the past decade.

Farming has a lot more in common with a business like a bank, and a bank would have to look for the next big opportunity in terms the market.

In many cases, the biggest threat to the food sector comes from climate change.

The global warming crisis has seen the price of food rise significantly, and this has been reflected in increased reliance on agriculture.

Our food supply and the amount of food we eat has increased in a way that is not sustainable

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