Which states should I focus on next?

We are looking at the most important issues to the future of our planet and what to do about them, from climate change to extreme weather to hunger, says the World Food Program’s chief nutritionist.

That includes the issues of access, affordability and sustainability.

Here are some of the topics we will be discussing: 1.

Climate change: What is the climate change threat?


Global food security: What are some key challenges to global food security?


Extreme weather: What steps can we take to adapt to these natural and human-induced disasters?


Hunger: How will we survive if the food system collapses?


Hunger and nutrition: What can be done to tackle the food security crisis?


The Future of the Future: How are we preparing ourselves to meet the challenges of the 21st century?


Future generations: How do we prepare them for the challenges ahead?


Climate and energy: How does our energy sector compare to that of our predecessors?


The Economy: What will it take to support the middle class?


The Environment: What must we do to make sure we leave a better world for future generations?


Health: What should we do about the growing epidemic of obesity?


Water: How can we ensure that our water supply is safe?


Food: What do we have to eat to ensure the safety of our food system?


Energy: How many resources are needed to support an energy-rich world?


Climate: What’s at stake if the climate system collapses and what can we do?


Water resources: What happens when the water system runs out?


Sustainable development: How should we develop sustainable solutions to global poverty and hunger?

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