A look at how the Colorado farm belt has transformed

An agricultural area can take many forms, but some of the most important and distinctive is the one you live in.

The land you share with your neighbors, the landscape, and the environment all have a huge impact on the way you live your life.

This infographic explores a few key differences between Colorado and most of the rest of the country.1.

You can’t legally plant anything in your backyard2.

Your neighbors can’t plant anything anywhere in your yard3.

You have no choice but to live in your house4.

It takes a lot of money to build a home in Colorado5.

The climate is mild and temperate6.

You don’t have to worry about hurricanes and wildfires7.

The average monthly rainfall is 6 inches in the spring and 7.8 inches in summer8.

The water in the Colorado River is safe9.

The Colorado River provides drinking water for about half the state and is the primary source of drinking water in many other states10.

You only have to leave the house for five minutes in the morning.11.

You won’t have any of the major roadways in Colorado12.

You get the most snow on the ground13.

The state’s snowpack is the fourth largest in the country14.

The population is about 10 times larger than the national average15.

Your average wintertime temperature is 55 degrees in Colorado16.

You need a license to rent a car in Colorado17.

The cost of a single-family home in the state is about $1,00018.

The federal tax on your income is the second highest in the United States19.

The number of people with insurance coverage in the entire state is more than the number of Americans in the whole world.


There are more than half a million homes in Colorado21.

You cannot have more than four pets22.

The largest city in Colorado is Denver23.

The total number of miles of public road in the county is over 20 million24.

There is a thriving wine and spirits industry25.

There was a time when you couldn’t drive your car in the Rockies26.

The most popular summer time sport in the world is skiing and horseback riding27.

The biggest cities in the U.S. have a population of over 20,000,000.28.

The fastest growing recreational activity in the nation is kayaking29.

You are able to take a trip down the Colorado to ski in the Grand Canyon30.

The National Park Service has more land in Colorado than any other state.31.

The United States has one of the highest rates of HIV infection in the western hemisphere.32.

The first year of your baby’s life is the most expensive in the history of the world.33.

The highest percentage of Americans live in poverty is in Colorado34.

You live in one of America’s largest and most diverse metropolitan areas35.

You’ll live a shorter life than a European man36.

You’re in the middle of the United Kingdom37.

You know what a ‘gift’ is.

You got a gift for the state of Colorado.38.

You’ve been invited to attend the premiere of the new Star Wars movie in the UK.39.

You haven’t had a dog in two decades.40.

The country has the lowest murder rate in the Western hemisphere.41.

You may have to walk in rain or shine42.

You still get a few days of sunshine every year.43.

Your car insurance rate is among the lowest in the West44.

You will have to take out a mortgage for a home that has been on your block for years.45.

You walk in the same direction every day46.

The air quality in the Denver metro area is among those that make the best places to live47.

You must take the Colorado State Fair every year48.

The temperature in Denver is always over 95 degrees Fahrenheit49.

You and your spouse can go to a movie in Denver50.

You could be a star in your own state51.

You own a dog52.

You rent a house in Colorado for your dog53.

You pay a monthly mortgage for your home54.

You travel by car and train in Colorado55.

The sun rises in Colorado56.

You might have a job in Colorado57.

You eat your own food, too.58.

You would not want to be anywhere near the water in Colorado59.

You should get your annual flu shot60.

You probably won’t die of influenza if you get it61.

You love your dog.62.

You drive your own car63.

You buy your own gas, and it is cheaper than it was in 200864.

You use your own tractor to graze your own crops65.

You do not pay sales taxes on your car purchases.66.

You take your own garbage, your own water, and your own fertilizer to the landfill.67.

You never have to deal with a snow plow or a garbage truck.68.

You make your own home and

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