‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ star Ashley Judd ‘isn’t a feminist’: Actress Ashley Judd says she ‘does not identify as a feminist’

Ashley Judd has come under fire for her comments during a Q&A session on Saturday, as the actress was asked if she identifies as a “feminist.”

During the Q&As, the actress said she doesn’t identify as “a feminist,” but is “one of those people who is always trying to do the right thing.

So I am always trying my best to do something that makes my mother proud, which is to make my mom proud.”

Judd then went on to say, “I think you have to recognize when you’re a person who has a job, you have a job that you can’t leave.

I have to get out of here.

I’ve got a job.

I’m not going to be happy if I leave my job.

So, I have a right to my job.”

After Judd was asked what she thought of the idea that people should be able to stay at their job for as long as they want, the comedian answered, “No, I don’t.

I just don’t.”

Judd’s comments drew ire from many, who pointed out that she is an actress with a legitimate career, and she is not a feminist.

Judd, who has worked as a writer for years, responded to the backlash by calling it “one more stupid question from a feminist to distract me from what I really have to say.”

In the latest episode of her podcast, Ashley Judd Talks, the singer said that her career has taken her through a lot and that she has always believed in her ability to do her job and make a living.

“I don’t think people can say, ‘Oh, you’re an actor.

You can do your job.’

I mean, you know what, I just do my job and I can make money off of it.

I can get more money.

I get paid better than anybody,” she said.

“And that’s what I do.

I want to make a better life for myself, but I don.

I don, and I hope people do.”

Judd is currently starring in the upcoming film The Fateful Triangle, which opens in theaters in January 2019.

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