How will we deal with the ‘burden’ of global warming?

Posted November 05, 2019 07:09:18 The impact of climate change will have an impact on all sectors of the Australian economy and agricultural industry, a panel of experts has warned.

Key points:The panel said we should not forget the importance of climate policies and policies for food, food security and rural communitiesThe report is based on data from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)The panel is led by former US Secretary of State John Kerry and includes the former deputy director of the UNEP, John B. Stapley.

Mr Kerry said the report was a “wake-up call” for Australia to take action on climate change.

“We have to be realistic about what is at stake and what will happen,” he said.

“This is a very difficult time.”

Climate change is not a joke.

It is a threat to the health and wellbeing of millions of people in the world, and to the planet as a whole.

“The report from the panel of former US secretaries of state John Kerry, Michael Deaver and Johnnie Smith, has been called the “largest and most comprehensive assessment of the impact of human-induced climate change on the global economy”.

It found that while agricultural production would suffer in the face of rising temperatures, the impacts of climate would be “limited” if we take climate policies seriously.”

The global economy will not grow by increasing emissions from fossil fuels and by shifting away from renewable energy sources,” the report says.”

If emissions continue at the current rate, we will not be able to meet our global greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals by 2050.

“It found we could avoid significant economic losses through emissions reductions, but we would have to do so at a higher level of intensity.

The report says Australia must make decisions now to “set aside” some of the current agricultural subsidies to help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.”

Many of the large subsidies, which are now estimated to cost us $US1.3 trillion per year, are currently being reallocated to other sectors of our economy,” it said.

The panel also says Australia should consider changing its “agricultural policy to ensure we can support our food production systems without increasing greenhouse gas emission”.”

While we have a long way to go, we have made important progress in achieving a better balance between CO2 emissions and GHGs, and are working to do even more,” the study says.

Key areas that were examined in the report included:The need to ensure a more effective climate policy to offset the negative impacts of rising CO2 and GHG emissions.

The need for more support to food and agriculture businesses in order to ensure they can be successful in the global food supply chain.

The importance of addressing climate change impacts on rural and rural-based communities.

The role of food security in the country and the role of the Commonwealth.

Key findings:The report found climate change would have a “major” impact on Australia’s agricultural sector, with an additional cost of $US5.9 trillion to $US7.2 trillion a year by 2100.”

Our agricultural sector would see a significant reduction in annual emissions, but the impacts would be limited to a small portion of the total agricultural sector,” it says.

Australia would have lost $1.7 trillion in agricultural output over the next 20 years.”

Food security is an important factor in economic growth and growth in our communities,” the authors of the report said.

They also warned that climate change “will have a major” impact, and suggested the country should focus on making the most of its current food production to mitigate the impacts.”

Agricultural policies need to be adjusted to support the needs of current and future generations of people living in Australia, and support the livelihoods of future generations, including farmers, ranchers, fishers, and other landholders,” the researchers said.

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