How to grow vegetables in drought conditions

Experts are trying to make sense of the drought-stricken farming landscape.

And in some cases, their research may be a bit of a surprise.

We have seen a trend that is becoming more prevalent over time that is really surprising,” said Paul Lipski, professor of agronomy at Iowa State University.

The drought in the United States has been particularly severe this year. “

Drought is a complex phenomenon that is influenced by a number of things,” he said.

The drought in the United States has been particularly severe this year.

The U.S. experienced a record-setting drought for March, with the average drought index in the country reaching 20.5, according to data from the U.N. Environment Programme.

As a result, there are more than a half-million crops in the U, and some farmers are already looking ahead to harvest those crops as the rest of the country braces for more severe droughts in the coming weeks.

Farmers are also looking at the future.

Lipsski said it is important to understand what the drought will look like in a few years.

“[We’re] hoping the drought in a couple of years will be much, much more manageable, and it will be manageable and not as extreme,” he told CNN.

A year ago, the U of I planted an average of 1,800 acres of vegetables each year, and that number has dropped to 400 acres this year, according a news release from the university.

There are also signs that drought will not be a problem in Iowa.

According to the state, there has been no drought in Iowa since the start of the century, and there has not been a drought in New Mexico since early 2017.

Experts said the lack of rain this year was one of the reasons farmers had to plant fewer crops.

Drought has become more prevalent in some areas of the world.

The United Kingdom is one of several countries experiencing drought.

And experts are not certain how long it will take for the U to see a similar situation.

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