How to start your own agri-business in India

India has become a hub for the agricultural industry, with more than 200,000 commercial farms in the country and hundreds of millions of acres of farmland.

This year, a whopping 5.5 billion tonnes of produce will be grown in the nation.

But it’s not all about food.

For many, farming is also about their lifestyle.

“People don’t have enough space to go out, and they have to take their time and make the best of the available space,” said Sanjaya Gavaskar, an entrepreneur who owns Gavak’s, a Delhi-based farm.

“It’s a very lonely place to work, but we have to adapt.”

Gavashars father, Sanjay Gavasar, said he started his own business, Gavapala, when he realised that the government was not providing him enough money to keep the business afloat.

The government’s rural land loan scheme, or RML, gives a subsidy of 50 percent of the farm yield, which can be used for irrigation and other land-use purposes.

The rest goes towards the costs of running the farm, which varies depending on the crop and the size of the plot.

“I think the government should be more transparent and be more responsive to farmers,” Gavavasad said.

But Gavad is not alone in trying to find a solution to this problem.

As many as 10,000 farmers are now seeking help from the government to create their own farming business, but with the government’s failure to deliver on its promise to set up the Rural Land Bank, they are turning to the private sector.

Suresh Bhaskar started his small-scale dairy farm in 2012.

His family has spent thousands of rupees on seeds and equipment, and now sells milk at a profit.

“We sell it in two markets, in Delhi and in Delhi-NCR,” he said.

“The farmers don’t sell it for Rs 1 a kilo anymore.”

In 2014, a law was passed by Parliament that allows farmers to form a small- or medium-scale farming enterprise.

It gives the right to sell produce at Rs 1.50 a kilogram, and allows farmers who have already started farming to buy the product at Rs 2.50, whichever is lower.

Bhaskar has a similar operation with his brother, who has a different business.

They started selling milk at Rs. 3 a kilos in 2014.

Farmers also say they can save money on their costs by working more hours.

“For me, my family is a very good source of income,” said Gavagasar.

Gavaskars brother is also considering expanding his farm.

“I have no intention of moving from this farm,” he added.

“This is my livelihood.

If I’m not going to farm, I will leave it behind and start my own business.”

Gandhiji’s Government in Action The Government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now in charge of the agriculture sector, with the agriculture ministry’s director general, Dinesh Chaturvedi, overseeing all the country’s agricultural projects.

The farm department is headed by Dineshar, who is the daughter of Gujarat’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

Dinesha is also a senior advisor to the Prime Minister.

“She has a big influence on the agricultural department,” said Pravin Naidu, a former deputy director general of the ministry.

Naidus also told BBC News that the agriculture minister, Prakash Javadekar, has a strong interest in the sector.

“He is in favour of it,” Naiduz said.

The farm department has a list of more than 300 projects that have been approved and which are being implemented, and it’s hoped that these will be completed by the end of the year.

It’s also hoped that the new farm department will be able to work with the industry on more ambitious projects.

With a large amount of land under cultivation and a rapidly expanding rural population, many farmers are facing difficulties in finding land.

The Rural Development Ministry has proposed a number of measures to help the country improve its agricultural infrastructure.

The land bill, for example, aims to boost the supply of land to farmers by introducing a national land allocation system, which will allow the government more control over the size and composition of land allotted.

According to the Department of Rural Development, in 2013-14, there were almost 10 million hectares of land in India, or nearly 2 percent of India’s total agricultural land area.

“With more than a million hectares, we have more than enough space for all of us,” Goyal said.

But for many, it’s a daunting task to find land for farming.

For many, the biggest challenge is getting enough water.

There is a shortage of drinking water and irrigation in

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