Why I’m not voting for anyone in the Senate to vote for Trump

By Andrew Kaczynski | September 15, 2020 12:06am EDTI was going to vote Republican.

I was going, “Oh, I’m going to give it a shot, but I can’t do it.”

I thought, If you don’t like Trump, why would you even vote for him?

I thought if I were Trump, I would not want to vote in any election.

But I did.

So when the news came out that he was going on the record as supporting the creation of a national registry for Muslim Americans, it was just a total shock.

I mean, I just thought, I was just so far gone from what I thought I knew about Trump.

He was just this complete, total, total monster.

So I just had to go, “What the fuck are you doing?”

I was thinking about voting for him and I said, “I can’t.

I don’t want to get involved.”

And I don.

And that was it.

I didn’t do anything else.

So I just sort of threw it out there.

So you’re saying that your experience as a Republican member of Congress has been so bad, that you’re not going to be a Republican in the 2020 presidential election?

I mean…

I mean I’m glad you’re doing that.

It makes sense to me.

It’s the only way that I can continue to be able to do my job.

But you know, if I had to say, I am going to get a job with a Republican organization, I’d probably not.

I think I’m pretty damn good at it.

But if I have to go out and vote for a Republican, I’ll go out there and vote as a Democrat.

I’m just glad you said that, because I do think that is a valid concern.

And then when you see the president being criticized for saying, I don, you know what?

This is not the first time, and I mean it is the third time, the president has said this.

He has said, this is not going be the first Muslim ban.

He’s right.

This is a Muslim ban, and it’s wrong.

But when you hear Trump say, this was a Muslim order, that it was not a terrorist ban, that they were doing it for security reasons and that it’s not going away, that he’s just so ignorant, it makes me sick to my stomach.

And it’s just a shame, because there are a lot of good, decent people out there who are doing amazing things to try to keep the country safe.

So if you had to do it again, I think it would be to just vote for the person who has a plan to do what is right, who is going to do the right thing, who has the experience to actually accomplish what they say they’re going to accomplish, not the guy who said this was going out for the safety of America.

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