How to get your organic farm into the food chain

Food production is the backbone of our economy and agriculture provides us with our daily food.But the system is increasingly broken and is being exploited for profit.That is why the Center for Food Safety is calling on the government to strengthen its oversight of food and agrochemical companies, including by banning the sale of genetically […]

I’m a magical farmer who uses magical agriculture to change the world

I’m not a farmer, but I’m an agnostic who loves to help people find answers to their deepest questions.I have a PhD in agronomy and am a certified organic farmer and certified organic organic educator.I love to teach and share the art of growing, using and caring for our food.

How to help farmers deal with climate change

By Emily YoffeOctober 14, 2018 13:07:10Climate change has been blamed for more than 30 million crop losses and nearly 1 million deaths since it was first reported in the early 1900s, a new report says.The report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office says the impact is still “likely substantial.”The report, released Wednesday, comes as President […]

The next wave of farm equipment is coming online in a decade

The biggest technological advances of the 21st century are happening on farms, and they’re being driven by new technologies that are increasingly coming online.We’re living in the era of farm automation, where farmers are moving away from traditional manual tasks and are using advanced computer algorithms to automate their crops.As automation grows, so do the […]

How to Make a Small, Quick, and Affordable Food Lab with $1,000 in Your Pocket

The most simple, but effective way to grow crops is to simply buy the seeds and cut them up.You can buy them in bulk online, or you can even buy them at your local grocery store.If you don’t want to go out and spend a lot of money, you can use a small, inexpensive farm-to-table […]

How the US-China border dispute could threaten farm workers and the economy

Byron ChaitThe US and China’s border dispute, a border dispute that has divided the two nations for more than two decades, is now threatening to undermine the entire food supply chain.The trade war has become so intractable that it has put the lives of thousands of workers at the center of the equation.The United States […]

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