How the Agri-Food and Forestry department’s $1.4bn seed bank has grown by a third since 2009

Agriculture is a vital industry in New Zealand, accounting for more than 80% of our Gross Domestic Product and over 90% of all jobs in the country.It employs more than 100,000 people and supports about two million jobs.Agriculture is vital to our economy, as it contributes to the livelihoods of nearly 4 million people, employs […]

How many farm jobs are in the United States?

The nation’s farms are in a tailspin.In 2015, the U.S. produced about a third of the world’s corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat and other crops, according to the Agriculture Department.The nation is losing farmland to drought and disease, as well as to urban development.There are more than 1 million acres of farmland in the U-District, the […]

How to use a visa to earn money as an agricultural economist

Agricultural economists are not just farmers who need a visa for work.They also help businesses and companies to grow their farms.In this article, I want to share some tips on how to apply for agricultural jobs in Australia and how to find them.First, be aware that agricultural economists have to be licensed as agricultural economists […]

How to get paid to be a farmer in the US

By Chris MorrisThe most lucrative part of the agricultural industry in the United States is the lucrative job of a farmer.Farmers are often highly compensated, with average hourly pay of around $30 per hour.But the majority of those jobs are paid for by the government, which provides subsidies for farm land, subsidies for farmers, and […]

How to improve your agricultural tech startup

The next step in building a new, sustainable, and sustainable business is to make it a part of the fabric of your community.That’s exactly what we’re doing with Indigo.We’re helping women in agriculture get into the agrotech industry and make it viable for them, even in the most remote parts of India.For the past year, […]

This Greek Goddess of Agriculture is a ‘Greek Goddess of Education’

When it comes to her agricultural career, this Greek goddess of farming is a “Greek Goddess”.This goddess of education is the head of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Greece, according to its website.According to the website, this goddess is a Greek goddess who is a member of the Heracles tribe, who have […]

How to win jobs in the ag-tech sector

By JOE TALASHA | The Associated Press The United States is facing a shortage of high-tech agriculture jobs, with companies struggling to find the workers and with companies scrambling to find and retain them.The Department of Agriculture says that of the 8.5 million jobs in agriculture in the country that are currently unfilled, more than […]

How does the state of Georgia farm program help farmers?

The Georgia Department of Agriculture has an ambitious plan to grow more than 6.5 million acres of corn, soybeans and cotton this year and to increase the state’s corn crop to 10 million acres by 2023.But a state report released last month found that only about 3.3 percent of those acres are being planted in […]

How to save the country’s farm jobs

As much as people want to blame the weather or a sudden change in crop yield, the truth is that the biggest culprit is agriculture itself.A lot of people, even those who want to plant more vegetables, are stuck with the same problems, and the solutions aren’t good.Here are seven of the most important things […]

Why should farmers be asked to donate organic products to the farmers’ committee?

The Centre’s recent decision to allow farmers to donate their organic products in the form of compost and feed to the rural committee is a first step towards the farmers raising their voice against the Centre’s decision to implement a new law, titled ‘Biosecurity of Food’ in the Union Agriculture Ministry.According to the law, the […]

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