The SportBible, the sport bible,a sport bible

On Thursday, the Associated Press released a new Sports Illustrated cover that features the sport of soccer, a sport that many see as a direct response to the rise of soccer stadiums and soccer fans.The cover has the soccer-playing, soccer-loving logo, as well as the slogan, “It’s soccer.”The Sports Illustrated article says the cover is […]

How to get an agribusiness job in the US

Agribusies are booming in the United States, but there are plenty of other industries that require a degree.One such sector is agriculture, with the country’s farmers accounting for more than half of all jobs in the U.S. But not everyone can work in agriculture, or in any other industry.This infographic explores some of the ways […]

Which biotechnology companies will be most disruptive in the future?

Biotechnology companies are among the hottest trends in the agriculture industry, but the technology is still in its infancy.As the field continues to evolve, many believe the next wave of biotechnology is going to be more disruptive than the last.We asked experts on the field to weigh in on which companies are poised to take […]

The most influential people in the world

By Eric RisbergESPN Staff Writer”This is what’s really at stake here, and that is the future of the American economy,” President Donald Trump told supporters at a rally in Alabama on Tuesday.The president also said the country is at a “critical juncture” with respect to the environment.Trump’s call for the federal government to “take care […]

What is sustainable agricultural?

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and the Florida Department of Agriculture (FDA) are proposing a wide-ranging approach to the transition to sustainable agriculture.The plan would include the development of a state of the art agronomic system to support Florida’s agricultural sector and the growing needs of our people.The USDA’s agronomist, Bill Gorman, is one of the […]

Why is the federal government not enforcing the country’s ban on GMO crops?

Agriculture Minister David Emerson says he will not enforce Canada’s anti-gmo labeling law until it is reviewed by the federal courts.“We will not allow a system that has been established to be taken away from Canadians,” Emerson told reporters in Ottawa on Tuesday.“Until we have a review of that law and we have an independent […]

How to build a magical farm with the right tools

By now, you’ve probably heard that the world needs to stop using so much land for farming.It’s a sentiment shared by most farmers, especially those who work on the land.But the reality is that we need to make up for the loss of farmland that’s been lost over the past few decades, especially in the […]

Swidden agriculture is an Australian ‘goldmine’ for men

Swidden Agriculture is an industry that has been under fire for decades, but now it’s coming back to life thanks to a major investment by Australian billionaire Richard Branson.The billionaire’s group, Virgin Group, has spent more than $20 million to bring the swidden agriculture industry back to the forefront of Australian politics, with the aim […]

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