How to write a story about the Senate agriculture committee

The Senate Agriculture Committee is facing a tough time defending its agriculture bill after a spate of criticism from both Republicans and Democrats.As the committee prepares to wrap up its markup, we asked its members what they think about the bill’s critics and the criticism it is facing.What are some of the main criticisms?We know […]

The Top 10 Most Sustainable Agro-Industries in the World

In 2016, the global agricultural industry achieved a new record: it was the second largest in the world behind the United States.But while it’s still dwarfed by the United Kingdom’s $4 trillion economy, it is a growing sector.By 2020, it will account for over half of the world’s agricultural production.And in India, the country with […]

The Department of Agriculture is shutting down farms for farmers, citing a lack of supply

The Department for Agriculture has announced that it is shutting some of its farms down to save money and to keep up with rising demand.The announcement comes after a series of disappointing figures for farmers.It said in March that its rural production rose by just 2.3pc in the third quarter of the year.This was well […]

How did we get here? An in-depth look at the farm-bashing, farm-killing and farm subsidies that have dominated the current farm debate

By now, you’ve probably heard that the farm bill is now being debated in the Senate, and it’s time to start thinking about what it actually means.As a farmer, it can mean a lot to you, but it can also mean a whole lot to your fellow farmers.It means having a voice, being able to […]

Which is the world’s most promising agriculture business?

The world is full of promising, promising agriculture companies, but not all are making a good living.One of the big three, AgBio, has failed to make a profit in nearly three years and is facing a potential bankruptcy.In April this year, AgBiome released its fourth annual financial report.The company’s earnings fell by $9.2 million to […]

Agriculture business grows in Ohio, Georgia as presidential election heats up

Agriculture business in Ohio grew by more than 10 percent in the month of November, while agriculture business in Georgia rose by just 1.2 percent, according to USDA data released Tuesday.In Ohio, agricultural exports rose by 1.4 percent in November, the biggest increase since March, while the state’s meat and poultry exports jumped by 3.7 […]

Drones could help Australia’s agri-food industry boost productivity

Australia’s agricultural industry could benefit from a $3 billion pilot program by the end of this year, with some of the technology developed by drone manufacturer AeroVironment (AVR) being applied to a range of crops including corn and soybeans.“The drones could be used to pick crops out of the ground, which would be easier for […]

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