How to save the country’s farm jobs

As much as people want to blame the weather or a sudden change in crop yield, the truth is that the biggest culprit is agriculture itself.A lot of people, even those who want to plant more vegetables, are stuck with the same problems, and the solutions aren’t good.Here are seven of the most important things […]

Agriculture department offers Bachelor of Agriculture, Master of Agriculture and Certificate of Agricultural and Life Science degrees for students in the rural areas

Farmers in rural areas across the country are taking advantage of a new initiative that gives them a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and a master’s degree, the Department of Agriculture (DAA) said on Thursday.The initiative is part of the DAA’s “Pulse of Agriculture” campaign, which aims to increase farmers’ confidence in the state’s agriculture sector, […]

How to improve agriculture: a look at the future

In 2016, the USDA and state agri-tech companies announced a partnership to invest $100 million in agriculture technologies and $200 million in research and development for the future of agri technology.The goal was to develop new agri science and agricultural technologies, which would make agriculture more efficient and efficient for farmers, according to the agreement.The […]

How to get a degree in agriculture without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a degree, in 10 steps

article Agriculture degrees are a pretty expensive way to earn a living, but they’re becoming increasingly popular as the number of jobs in agriculture has risen dramatically.This week, a new batch of jobs created by a massive expansion of the country’s agricultural workforce is slated to go live at the end of this month.The Bureau […]

How can we build on the success of a key agricultural innovation?

A key agricultural change that will make a significant difference to our future food security is a growing recognition of the value of agroecology and the need to understand and adapt to the needs of today’s changing agricultural systems.Key points:A growing number of agronomists are recognising that the farming system has a significant role to […]

How to grow a healthy Mediterranean crop

By Mary Schmaltz, National Geographic, March 24, 2020.1.Farm and garden 1.1 How to choose the right farm: Farmers must have a plan for how they will grow and how they can control pests and weeds.2.A good source of water: Most farm animals have to drink fresh water from a well or from a cistern, but […]

I’m a magical farmer who uses magical agriculture to change the world

I’m not a farmer, but I’m an agnostic who loves to help people find answers to their deepest questions.I have a PhD in agronomy and am a certified organic farmer and certified organic organic educator.I love to teach and share the art of growing, using and caring for our food.

How to get a PhD in science and mathematics: A guide

The world of science and math can be daunting, especially if you’re not a scientist.This article outlines five of the most common questions you’ll likely encounter while researching and applying for a PhD. It also outlines how to get the right degree, if you want one.1.What is a PhD?The title of this article may suggest […]

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