How to Get Away With Murder

“It’s a very simple, easy-to-make deal, so people will just do it.But when people don’t do it, it’s like they’re just going to kill themselves.”– David Dickson, former state agriculture commissioner, on the practice of murder in Oklahoma article The Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.(AP Photo/The Oklahoman, Tom Pennington) A new documentary by filmmaker David […]

How a woman in agribusiness made it work

With a woman running the Department of Agriculture, a new article about a woman who helped to create the modern world of agriculture was published in the latest issue of Next Big Futures.This is not the first time a woman has run the department.In 2013, the USDA released a new gender-specific report called “The Gender […]

How to raise animals to food for your family

For decades, animal agriculture has been a staple of the American diet, yet as the world’s population and food demand increase, farmers are facing a crisis of resources and sustainability.Many farms have been forced to turn to cheaper feed, less-friendly animals and unsustainable practices like water-depleting herbicides.In the meantime, more than 50 percent of American […]

‘No food for everyone’: Food waste in Texas as officials brace for food shortage

A Texas Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services spokeswoman says there’s no food for all of the state’s people and that more than 6,000 food trucks are waiting to pick up food for those who can’t make it on their own.Agriculture Secretary Steve Richey and Texas Gov.Greg Abbott said in a statement Friday that more […]

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