How to Make Your Farmers’ Market More Eco-Friendly

Urban farmers markets, where customers can sample and purchase produce from locally-grown products, have grown increasingly popular in recent years.But the traditional, seasonal fare of pastels, jams, and preserves isn’t always up to par.Here are the top 5 things to do this fall when shopping for farm fresh food.1.Pick a Local Farmer’s Market: There are […]

Farmers’ markets: Farmers’ Markets in a Drone Age

Farmers’ Market has been around for nearly three decades.It is a free and open source of agriculture and food products that are being sold to the public.The concept is similar to the way many stores sell their own goods.In theory, the farmers market should be open to all, but it can only be open on […]

How the world’s food is made in the agriculture sector

When we hear about how agriculture is changing the way we live and work, the conversation quickly turns to the agricultural sector.But is this the right sector for your business?And what are the big challenges and opportunities?As part of our In The Kitchen series, we are looking at the industry in the UK and looking […]

When an agricultural drone lands a hit: The world’s most powerful agricultural drone

The world is awash in drones, from the ubiquitous Predator drones to the military-grade drones that the U.S. military uses for surveillance and reconnaissance, to the $25 million Predator Reaper drones that can fly as far as 2,000 miles.The Predator drone, which was first used in the 1980s to track and destroy Soviet aircraft, was […]

Drones could help Australia’s agri-food industry boost productivity

Australia’s agricultural industry could benefit from a $3 billion pilot program by the end of this year, with some of the technology developed by drone manufacturer AeroVironment (AVR) being applied to a range of crops including corn and soybeans.“The drones could be used to pick crops out of the ground, which would be easier for […]

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