Which Chinese companies are working on genetically modified crops in the US?

The US is moving away from using genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to grow crops, as a technology to protect farmers from climate change and food pests, as well as a tool to boost economic competitiveness.The US has been using GMOs since the 1990s.But the technology is not without its detractors.In March this year, the US […]

What is sustainable agricultural?

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and the Florida Department of Agriculture (FDA) are proposing a wide-ranging approach to the transition to sustainable agriculture.The plan would include the development of a state of the art agronomic system to support Florida’s agricultural sector and the growing needs of our people.The USDA’s agronomist, Bill Gorman, is one of the […]

Why The Mob Chunk Mystic Agriculture Needs A $200 Billion Seed Bank

Flushing toilets in a Mumbai suburb can take about 20 minutes.But in a rural area in southern India, a $200 billion seed bank could help start fresh agriculture.The government of India is investing $400 million in a $1.3 billion bank in the country’s most remote areas, which will help farmers start seedlings and boost the […]

When I went to a farming conference in Australia, the agri-food industry was the only industry I saw

The Australian agriculture sector was once synonymous with farming, but it’s now experiencing a “downturn” in its fortunes.Agriculture has been hit by a “slowdown” in the global food supply, with prices for agricultural products rising, and it is struggling to attract investment, according to the Australian Food and Agricultural Organisation.The food industry is struggling.And that […]

What’s next for the UK’s agri-food sector?

The agri crop, also known as ‘garden produce’ or ‘wild rice’, is the staple food of many nations and is often the source of much of the world’s food.But as the global food crisis has deepened, so has the demand for this crop.The number of tonnes of wild rice produced worldwide has doubled since the […]

How Oklahoma could get rid of a $7 billion waste farm

Oklahoma has a plan to shut down an agri-food waste farm in the state’s southeast and relocate the remaining cows to a farm in Nebraska.The state’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Wildlife will review an application submitted by a group that runs the land and its animals.It will determine whether to seize the land for […]

Why I stopped working at a major tech company

I stopped being an employee at the start of 2017, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel the sting of being a full-time worker.After a while, my day-to-day routine became so draining that I was forced to give up.I stopped caring about the company.I didn’t care about the product.And I stopped paying my bills.What was […]

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