What you need to know about modern agriculture and farmland

In this article, we’ll look at modern agriculture, farmland, and agricultural practices.We’ll also look at what modern agriculture looks like, and how farming techniques can be adapted to fit modern needs.Read More to help you find the right information for your current situation.

Georgia farmers are growing more vegetables, but the industry isn’t growing fast enough

More than a third of the 1.2 million acres of agricultural land in Georgia are planted with non-crops, according to the Georgia Department of Agriculture.That’s up from less than half a percent in 2010, according the Georgia Agriculture Department.But the numbers don’t tell the whole story.A growing number of Georgia farmers have been growing crops […]

How to grow a healthy Mediterranean crop

By Mary Schmaltz, National Geographic, March 24, 2020.1.Farm and garden 1.1 How to choose the right farm: Farmers must have a plan for how they will grow and how they can control pests and weeds.2.A good source of water: Most farm animals have to drink fresh water from a well or from a cistern, but […]

What is the agriculture industry?

A look at the agriculture industries.What is agriculture?article Agricultural research is the latest of many sectors to be transformed, and the new focus on research, development and commercialisation is an exciting prospect for the future.Agricultural research is also the newest sector to have a role in the economic and social life of the country, with […]

Why do we care about the greek goddess?

It’s not just the Greek Goddess of Agriculture that inspires reverence among farmers.It’s also the Greek goddess of farming.In fact, the goddess of farm has been worshiped throughout history.The Greek Goddess was born of the Olympian gods Zeus and Hera, the first Greek god.The goddess was depicted as a goddess of the earth, water, and […]

How to protect your health from pesticides

Health officials are urging consumers to avoid using pesticides, especially when it comes to crops such as sugarcane and melons.Industry and government agencies are warning against using the herbicide Roundup, which has been linked to birth defects and cancer.In an advisory on Monday, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said consumers should consider whether using […]

Farmers in the US say they can’t plant crops because of climate change

The United States is the only country in the world that has no intention of planting its crops because climate change is a problem, according to a new report.The American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) report found that climate change has been making its way into American agriculture, and in particular, that farmers are being forced […]

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