China to cut 1,000 jobs from agri-business in Guangdong region

China will cut 1.2 million jobs in agriculture, the agriculture ministry said, in a sign of the government’s effort to address a surge in demand for local products.The move, announced on Tuesday, came after the government approved the sale of up to $1.2 billion worth of soybean and rice in the south-east of the country.Agriculture […]

What you need to know about modern agriculture and farmland

In this article, we’ll look at modern agriculture, farmland, and agricultural practices.We’ll also look at what modern agriculture looks like, and how farming techniques can be adapted to fit modern needs.Read More to help you find the right information for your current situation.

How to get a degree in agriculture without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a degree, in 10 steps

article Agriculture degrees are a pretty expensive way to earn a living, but they’re becoming increasingly popular as the number of jobs in agriculture has risen dramatically.This week, a new batch of jobs created by a massive expansion of the country’s agricultural workforce is slated to go live at the end of this month.The Bureau […]

How to plant a plantation agriculture farm in New Zealand

Farming for a living can be hard work.With so many variables involved, it’s a tough balance to strike.To get your foot in the door, here’s how you can get started.1.Find a farmer’s marketThe first step is finding a farmer to buy your food.This can be a local supermarket or online.A farmer’s markets are usually located […]

What is the agriculture industry?

A look at the agriculture industries.What is agriculture?article Agricultural research is the latest of many sectors to be transformed, and the new focus on research, development and commercialisation is an exciting prospect for the future.Agricultural research is also the newest sector to have a role in the economic and social life of the country, with […]

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